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Joe Raffa - Writer/Content Creator

After cutting his teeth for many years in the independent film community, Joe Raffa has carved out a niche for himself writing and directing character-driven stories that explore the dark corners of the human psyche. Originally from South Philadelphia, Raffa previously wrote and directed the award-winning digital series “SPADES” with APS Films. Creating the series exemplified what Raffa hopes to achieve over and over again in his career: collaborate with people he loves to tell stories he’s passionate about. 

He did just that when he traveled the US with Edwin Stevens to help bring the documentary “Alice is Still Dead” to life. Working with Edwin to tell the story of his sister Alice, and the crippling effects of grief, further strengthened Raffa’s love for the medium and his bond with APS Films. 

Even though Raffa is driven to create dark and thrilling content, his persona is anything but. He prides himself on his happy-go-lucky attitude and always strives to make the process fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. He also treats every project like it’s his last and doesn’t take any opportunity for granted. Aside from “Dark Harbor,” Joe has been working on several other screenplays with APS Films. And he’s excited to bring them to life.

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